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HANSE Administration 

Our Administration Team

Our administration department is a customer department itself. HANSE Administration department and its internal divisions: verification, billing, due, refunds, portfolio, risks, etc., has as its main priority to establish the relationship with customers and distributors with regard to economic issues: billing, risk assessment, and settlement, as well as reimbursement due with the national and international agencies supported by HANSE Consultants GmbH, Vienna, Austria.


HANSE Consultants works closely with the HANSE Group, assisting them by providing information and Business insight into the energy- and oil markets. HANSE Consultants also serves as the link between the HANSE Clients and the HANSE OIL Group's business activities worldwide.


HANSE Communication hints


Please communicate clearly and respectful. For your own safety please do not submit any uncalled documents and refrain from using buzzwords, such as POP, BANK-TO-BANK, ICPO, ASWP, MANDATE, ..WE, UNDER PERJURY, etc. and refrain from private procedural- or bond requirements that all may be delayed or unanswered. Thank you.







  • Account Management

  • HANSE Group Business Fund

  • License Fees & Deposits 

  • Investor Relations and General Meeting

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