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Our Brokers and Trader

The Heart of our Business

You play a key role in growing our business. Your trust and loyalty supports the development and financial strength of HANSE over the long term.  Basically, all brokers can submit a free business- or offer application for our evaluation, however, when leaving the initial offer process your accreditation is required.


Based on your signed assessment account, we offer you a single Broker- and/or Trader License supported by a system-geared HBCA Brokerage- and Consultancy Agreement to protect you against (almost) all violent market measures.

We principally do not issue so-called "mandates" or exclusivity to represent HANSE OIL other than covered by License-Agreement.



Dealing with HANSE OIL HOLDING requires assessment and accreditation formalities. For customers without assessment all business transactions will be handled by OIL BROKER ASIA until completion of the offer process and when the term sheet is prepared for submission to sellers for signing and execution. https://www.hanseoil.net

We are the right choice

A recognizeable Marketing- and Finance partner on your side, creditworthiness and the acc of the business, no waste of time, no hussle with contract management, no client-or broker search, transport and professional all-in finance- or investment management - a partnership that includes HANSE OIL Refinery, HANSE OIL Bank, and, our global reputation. We offer access to a global team of HANSE OIL experts who ensure you have unparalleled business expertise in our business fields and supply chain when you need it. Your Licensing and Accreditation is the best objective proof that partners have the competence to comply with best practice and a prerequisite for eligibility to tender for international business projects.

Licensing Pre-Requisites

1. Interaction 2. Assessment Account



Broker activities beyond the guest- or initial offer level require principally licensing (broker license). Our brokers are automatically protected by the so-called "HBCA HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement" against (almost) all violent market activities, Our brokers are not elegible to any business transactions on own account, or to legally bind HANSE. To combine both licences, i.e. Broker and Trader, we offer the PersonaLUnion License. License Fee Broker €4400,or both in PersonaLUnion € 8200.


All trading activities require a Trader License and can opt for spot- or term agreements in which case the license does either cover spot agreements or ter form agreements only. Any brokerage activities willnot be supported by HANSE OIL unless under terms of a PersonaLUnion license (both broker- and trader license). The License Fee is a one-time fee, actually €5400 (01.2020) and fully deductible from any business transaction during the first three months following application.


The PersonaLUnion License covers both brokering- and trade activities thus giving the best comfort. The License Fee is a one-time fee, actually €8200 (01.2020) and fully deductible from any business transaction during the first three months following application.

Virtual (Provisional) License

HANSE traders are our Contract-Partners and will in this role not receive brokerage support even if the trader acts as Intermediary (exception: in 'PersonaLUnion'). In such situation, or where our Licensee is not the Trader (Contract Party), our Licensee can apply for a so-called 'Virtual License' on behalf of his client likewise if the ultimate client does actually not yet wish to register for any reason at the early stage of negotiations with our licensee. The Virtual License Application covers only limited personal data.
The Virtual License must be later formally converted to a regular Trade License. The license fee is €5400 - only applicable on basis of an existing license broker- or trader license.

Crude Oil

Clients must be registered for crude oil tranding by separate accreditation, i.e. a SGT Single Trade License based on a valid PersonaLUnion license. The license fee will be jointly determined by'The Oil Club International' and HANSE OIL HOLDING in relation to size of transaction. Speak to us for mmore information,

Finance & Investments

Finance and Investment transactions require additional licensing. The fee will be mutually agreed essentially subject to the type of transaction and size.

HANSE Correspondent

Become a HANSE Correspondent

HANSE OIL has adopted a new important strategy. We seek regional or national correspondents who can be a central link and voice on HANSE OIL businesses and our local lobbying activities. This is a privileged and central key position between HANSE OIL head offices and your country. You should produce confident and clear analysis on deadline and communicate with our valuable clients, investors and applicants being able to speak to our partners and support them with equal flair and passionate about global networking producing excellent lobbying across all national oil and energy fields; open to experimenting with new business methods and marketing ideas in the fields Oil and Energy at all levels. Freelance contracts. Tender is on a global scale, except Europe. Key-Requirements: HANSE OIL HOLDING Accreditation, or a letter of recommendation signed by at least three licensed HANSE OIL Partner. Email: hansegroup@hanseoil.asia