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When I was starting out as a trader, I had no idea what was involved in truly being a successful trader, operating a platform, getting in and out of trades, managing my account, managing my emotions, making basic strategic decisions. However, through trial and error, I was able to gain a mentor relationship and was able to tap into HIS wealth of knowledge This was, without doubt, the defining moment in my trading career and dramatically compressed the learning and success success curves.

And now that you are reading this I can become YOUR Mentor

What the Mentor says

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The Loaded Vessel Scheme

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The Mentor speaks

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Advance Fees - the Truth

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the NCNDA Agreement

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Common rules





  • License based on Assessment Account 

  • Privileged, recognizeable global partner status 

  • One-time, deductible Fee, interest paid (9,65% pa)

  • Fee Amount based on Interaction Formalities

  • No communication with clients of our Licensees

  • Full privileged brokerage support

  • HBCA HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement

  • Hidden base-commission on all transactions

  • No underwritings on behalf of HANSE Group

  • Single Trader or 'PersonaLUnion' license

  • License for spot, term agreements

  • Private (Open) Tender Participation and Support


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