About HANSE 1983-2020

We are a global private and independent energy and oil business unlike any other with wide reach across the world's energy system: Refining, Marketing and Trading, Shipment, Financing, Banking and Investments.
Our people want to play their part in solving the big complex challenges facing our world today – including the transition to low carbon – and, guided by our HANSE OIL values, are working to help meet common business standards and success-


HANSE OIL associated offices worldwide Singapore, China, Bahrain, Panama, Russia, Cyprus, Vienna and Madrid HANSE OIL Refining Malaysia HANSE Bank Hongkong


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Facts & Figures

HANSE OIL Worldwide 2019 2349 Accredited (licensed) HANSE Broker and Trader 0661 Regular Business Club Member worldwide 0017 Associated Offices 0027 LLC HANSE Venture Partner