Concept Portfolio

Our portfolio crosses industries and borders. Find out HANSE Headlines of  strategic areas of interest broadly categorised according to the energy-oil sector for which they are primarily intended. Scroll down to see which concepts and ideas  we are working with at this time. Contact below.

Partner-Sponsorship Opportunity

HANSE gives clients or investors preferential market access through our private network of 2.417 license brokers and traders by way of participation inf the consolidated turnover and continual success over years.You start only with a no-risk deposit of €250 and guaranteed interests.

HANSE Regional Correspondents Worldwide

We seek regional or national correspondents who can be a central link and voice on HANSE OIL businesses and our local lobbying activities. This is a privileged and central key position between HANSE OIL head offices and your country. You should produce confident and clear analysis on deadline and communicate with our valued clients.

Seeking a Beautiful Hotel-Village Resort

Update. HANSE OIL looks for purchase of a five-star hotel-resort project as holiday-refuge for our valued clients, friends and partners, as well as for our staff and family.

HANSE Executive Business Club

Relationships for Energy, Gas & Oil with Tradition. Site-by-site with HANSE OIL. Continuing a tradition of business deals sealed with a handshake, business is still sealed with integrity because our members and our Club epitomize honor and true fraternity. Being part of HANSE BUSINESS CLUB means collaborating, sharing knowledge and supporting one another in our everyday challenges.

Agenda 2021: Joint LLC Offshore Company

For all trade agreements exceeding a certain amount we offer our clients a joint LLC offshore company setup. The company wil be closed after conclusion of the relevant trade transaction. We use a common name with limited shares and with a ratio of 51% to 49%.

Covid-19 Support Measures (Financing, Investments, Trading)

We’ve rolled out a series of enhanced measures and initiatives to help your business better respond to the challenges. There’s also a list of resources we hope you’ll find useful as we work together to tackle COVID-19 and emerge stronger.

HANSE Extended Payment Facilities and Credit Lines

Lease HANSE OIL Lines of Credit - the flexibility you require for your finance needs. Offer for accredited valuable partners. If you expect to make (equipment) purchases in the near future, a Lease Line of Credit from HANSE Finance Asia is a pre-approved line, which is ready when you are to fund the purchases.

HANSE Commerce Bank, Hong Kong, Open Doors 2021

OPEN DOORS in May 2021: Invitation for all our business partners (broker, trader and investors). Application through your HANSE OIL Trade Account.

Covid-19: Private Flight Service "we bring our office to you"

HANSE OIL Private Flight Service under Covid-19 challenges: We fly with our office so your place and meet inside the aircraft (subject to official government approval) -we negotiate and both prove the business including financial completion.

Refinery Processing Agreements

HANSE ENERGY (OIL) seeks/ffers Processing Agreement(s) for Joint-Ownership Refineries (or Throughput Agreements) including subsequent financing and development worldwide. Also seeking a new crude processing agreement for South African crude and proposals for a processing agreement that will see HANSE OIL supply 0,4 to 0,7 million barrels of bonny crude per month in exchange for similar volumes of oil products.

HANSE Counter Trade Agreements

HANSE is uniquely positioned to deal with all counter- or barter trade .worldwide that lifts us at a highly competive level for commodities. For 2021-2023 our team has the following commodities under contract: Urea (agricultural), Wheat. Sulfur and White Sugar.


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