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Become a HANSE Correspondent

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

HANSE OIL has adopted a new important strategy. We seek regional or national correspondents who can be a central link and voice on HANSE OIL businesses and our local lobbying activities.

This is a privileged and central key position between HANSE OIL head offices and your country. You should produce confident and clear analysis on deadline and communicate with our valuable clients, investors and applicants being able to speak to our partners and support them with equal flair and passionate about global networking producing excellent lobbying across all national oil and energy fields; open to experimenting with new business methods and marketing ideas in the fields Oil and Energy at all levels.

Freelance contracts. Tender is on a global scale, except Europe. Key-Requirements: HANSE OIL HOLDING Accreditation, or a letter of recommendation signed by at least three licensed HANSE OIL Partner.



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