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HANSE Social

Operating our business responsibility

There are a number of ways we do this: we create local jobs, we employ local apprentices and trainees, we buy from local businesses, we add to local infrastructure and we support local communities.  We call this support ‘Social Investment’. We work in partnership with local traders to deliver this investment because we know strong and diverse local economies benefit everyone.


HANSE aims to be a responsible company and a force for progress. Since the beginning in 1983 we looked to the future, adapted to change and met challenges like this head on. We want to build enduring relationships with governments, customers, partners, suppliers and communities in the countries where we work. Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to operation our business responsibility. We’ve created numerous digital strategy documents, and continue to hold workshops and inspirations session to keep our HANSE OIL clients up to date with the latest in social innovation and offers.


Social Conduct




The Foundation

  • Cultural Sponsoring worldwide

  • HANSE Sponsoring "Children and Youth"

  • Energy Training (Courses), Event and Workshops 

  • We fly our valued clients from office to office

  • Win with HANSE and visit our Refinery in Asia

  • The HANSE Foundation 'Children of the World'

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