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HANSE Storage 


HANSE ENERGY HOLDING is one of Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore  based Oil and Gas Tank Storage provider in joined operation with partners and licensees.  Our core business is the storage and transhipment of fuel oil and gas oil, we have been active for more than 20 years, finding its application in the petrochemical tank storage and refineries.


Today, we handle and store petroleum, chemicals and biodiesel products. The company operates as vertically integrated oil Storage joint Company with primary activities in storage, transshipment and sales of bunker fuels in Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston port. HANSE Group provides its licensed oil traders in Rotterdam storage facility for receiving petroleum products from oil pipeline within the Rotterdam sea port secured through the necessary customs permits. This means that all terminals in all three sea ports operated comply with the strictest regulations.

We are very interested to discuss the possibilities of dedicated storage and berths with interested parties.

tank hanse crude-oil-storage-tank-pern-1

Terminal Details and Bunkering

We understand what you require from a bunker terminal: multiple jetties, including a fully dedicated barge jetty that is available 24/7, no waiting time, and a high, constant pumping speed. Utopian, you say? Not with us! You have access to jetties that are open day and night, seven days a week. No more waste of capital: you choose the best moment to load or unload. This makes us unique.

  • Different Vapor recovery systems covering all product range

  • Product heating (steam and electronically) cooling & circulation

  • Blending & Mixing of mineral products

  • Nitrogen purging, fresh water, demi-water, dry air and steam systems

  • Degassing of vessels

  • Direct transfer capability

  • Draft depth at berth is minus 17,5 m

  • All necessary customs licenses available (AEO-certified)

  • Jetties and Rail operational 24/7 and two barge positions

  • Terminal access for trucks on working days from 7 am to 11 pm

  • Liquid Leak Detection Systems made by TTK S.A.S.


Tank Storage





  • Ports of Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston

  • Medium- and Long-time Agreements

  • Multiple Berths and state-of-the-art facilities

  • Highway, Railway and Pipeline Access

  • Floating Transshipment Platform, 

  • Lay-By Berthing and Steam Supply

  • Permittet Product Classes; ADN 3,6.2.,8 and 9

  •  Multiple jetties and quay service (over 400 m

  • Berthing of LNG carriers at the LNG terminal

  • Unloading of LNG cargo at the terminal

  • Temporary storage of LNG

  • Regasification of LNG

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