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HANSE Swaps & Hedging

Operated with Joint Finance Brokers

Hedge against both currency and interest rate exposures with HANSE Finance private Cross-Currency Swap. This is an agreement between two parties to swap future interest payments, based on a principal amount in one currency for an equivalent amount in another currency. For example, you can choose to pay in a different currency on either a fixed or floating rate. Conduct sophisticated cross-border transactions smoothly and efficiently with strategic advice from our advisory sales network and finance teams in Singapore and Austria.

HANSE Finance - enjoy competitive pricing due to our market leader position and extensive network. Further finance partners f/m for our extensive network business and HANSE licensed partners as well as Investors worldwide still being sought.


  • Product Details
    VLSD Diesel Fuel 50ppm Bulk Volume: Load Port: Malaysia or UAE No so-called "roll-over" or "extension" agreements
  • Product - Price
    USD$ /NET /MT **haltet****** C.F.R. Destination REPKORMP If price-level "" is indicated: Final Price fixing to be set by HANSE OIL. However, the trader may opt for a firm single price at the time of signing the FTS (liable to opt-fees).
  • Quality
    The quality o the oil supplied hereunder shall be the quality of the oil generally beeing supplied at the time and place of loading,unless specification are prescribed elsewhere in the agreement, in which case such specifications represent the only quality characteristics which the oil isrequire to meet. All offers are usually based on client' requirements which will be reconfirmed by HANSE OIL with the FTS Firm Term Sheet, and replaced by a HANSE OIL MFS Material Fact Sheet at a later stage.
  • Surveillance
    Quantity and Quality shall be established at load port by internationally recognizeable Inspector appointed by sellers, charges for which shall be shared equally.
  • Type of Agreement
    Spot Agreement (max 3 consecutive shipments) with 3 months, or by negotiation. No so-called 'trial' shipments, no extensions.

Date under setup. We apology for inconveniences



Currency Swaps Fx


Interest Rate Swap

  • Credit Default Swaps worldwide

  • Risk Hedging with Option Contracts

  • Risk Hedging with Forward Contracts

  • We hedge Energy, Crude Oil, Gas and Commodities

  • Pay in different currencies,  fixed or floating rates

  • Single currency basis swaps

  • Enjoy competitive pricing due to our strong position in the market and extensive partner network

  • Swap future interest payments

  • Variable notional - Amortizing and roller coaster 

  • Negative interest rates

  • Plain vanilla swap in an EMIR-compliant environment 

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