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HANSE Swaps & Hedging

Operated with Joint Finance Brokers

Hedge against both currency and interest rate exposures with HANSE Finance private Cross-Currency Swap. This is an agreement between two parties to swap future interest payments, based on a principal amount in one currency for an equivalent amount in another currency. For example, you can choose to pay in a different currency on either a fixed or floating rate. Conduct sophisticated cross-border transactions smoothly and efficiently with strategic advice from our advisory sales network and finance teams in Singapore and Austria.

HANSE Finance - enjoy competitive pricing due to our market leader position and extensive network. Further finance partners f/m for our extensive network business and HANSE licensed partners as well as Investors worldwide still being sought.



Date under setup. We apology for inconveniences



Currency Swaps Fx


Interest Rate Swap

  • Credit Default Swaps worldwide

  • Risk Hedging with Option Contracts

  • Risk Hedging with Forward Contracts

  • We hedge Energy, Crude Oil, Gas and Commodities

  • Pay in different currencies,  fixed or floating rates

  • Single currency basis swaps

  • Enjoy competitive pricing due to our strong position in the market and extensive partner network

  • Swap future interest payments

  • Variable notional - Amortizing and roller coaster 

  • Negative interest rates

  • Plain vanilla swap in an EMIR-compliant environment 

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