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Founded 1983 - at home all over the world. As an independent private company, we are owners, and we can focus exclusively on our clients and your needs. 



1983-2021: A global private energy, oil-trade- and investment group unlike any other: Refining & Marketing, trading and shipping, storage, financing (hedging) as well as investments worldwide.   

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We have a long standing mutual equity Partnership with HANSE Group. Today, we are the full-service brokerage arm of the Group for trading and financing in the field of energy, gas and oil.


HANSE Consultants

Business with a proud history from from early stages in 1983 to 2021. Strategic advisory services for energy and process companies, energy law, oil contracting, and PR management for HANSE Group. 


HANSE Prices, Quotes 

HANSE Price-and offer indications under which HANSE would be prepared to sell - subject to a signed term sheet. Access to all free business applications (forms). 

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Concept Portfolio 2021

Our portfolio crosses industries and borders. Find out HANSE Headlines of strategic areas of interest, broadly catego-rized according to the energy-oil sector, 

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The Mentor + Forum

The Mentor is independend and works ano-nymously in the background.The HANSE Mentor is a person with a very successful track record in energy-, gas and crude oil and fields.



2021 Venturing into the future with our partners: HANSE goes decentral

We uniquely offer strategic partnerships to expand global cooperation on the one hand, and structuring the next generation business venture with our partners worldwide on the other. Please visit the Business News (click above). Our global trading network gives us a 24-hour market presence. We are active in most crude oil markets, sourcing from a wide range of suppliers and selling to a wide range of customers both within and outside HANSE.

2020 HANSE Partner Bonus

The HANSE way to partner: Interaction - Assessment - Licensing While all have refrained from giving increments this year, HANSE OIL is the only firm that will given out considerable partner bonuses for 2020. For details and payment procedure, please visit your HANSE OIL broker account, as usual.

Attractive HANSE Partnership Opportunity

HANSE gives clients or investors preferential market access through our private network of 2.417 license brokers and traders by way of participation inf the consolidated turnover and continual success over years.You start only with a no-risk deposit of €250 and guaranteed interests.