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Refining, Trading, Shipping, Financing & Investments since 1983

Your energy business in the best possible hands

Dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing

Founded 1983 - at home all over the world. As an independent private company, we are owners, and together with our accredited and licensed  2476 business partners worldwide we can focus exclusively on our clients and your needs. The HANSE Group International has always been a progressive company with an open-minded culture.


HANSE transacts energy, oil, gas and commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing.

Business Meetings require HANSE assessment and and a signed agenda  in advance.  Please do not submit any uncalled documents and refrain from using any buzzwords such as: RWA, ASWP,  FCO,  POP, bank-to-bank, we, under perjury, we, as mandate,  gross and net,  etc.

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