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Founded 1983 - at home all over the world. As an independent private company, we are owners, and we can focus exclusively on our clients and your needs. 



1983-2021: A private energy and oil- group unlike any other: Refining and Marketing, Trading, Storage, Shipping, Financing and Energy & Oil Investments worldwide.


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We have a long standing partnership with HANSE ENERGY Group. OIL BROKER ASIA provides a critical link between the market, and HANSE Group’s upstream and downstream companies.


HANSE Consultants

Business with a proud history from early stages in 1983 to 2021. Strategic advisory services for oil & gas, energy and process- companies, energy law, oil contracting, and PR management for HANSE Group. 


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Price- and Offer-indications under which HANSE would be prepared to sell (LTS Limited Term Sheets). Product-Links and HANSE Purchase Requests.


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Our portfolio crosses industries and borders. Find out HANSE Headlines of strategic areas of interest, broadly catego-rized according to the energy-oil sector, 

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2021 Venturing into the future with our partners: HANSE goes decentral

We uniquely offer strategic partnerships to expand global cooperation on the one hand, and structuring the next generation business venture with our partners worldwide on the other. Please visit the Business News (click above). Our global trading network gives us a 24-hour market presence. We are active in most crude oil markets, sourcing from a wide range of suppliers and selling to a wide range of customers both within and outside HANSE.


As are a decentralized partnership-based broker house, we assure worldwide reliable energy and commodities supplies since 1979. OIL BROKER ASIA provides a critical link between the market and HANSE’s upstream, and downstream companies and our 2477 (as of 2020) partners.

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New Offers & Requests

Africa: Counter-/Barter Trade Fuel Oil vs. Crude

Counter-/Barter Trade Offer, and tailored terms & conditions for accredited partners:

We are prepared to receive your crude oil against our supply of fuel oil, if possible by re-loading. We quote for the fuel noteably below market price, and pay for the crude the official (discounted) price and offer extensive credit- and investment lines, supported and consolidated by sponsors out of the middle of HANSE.
OIL BROKER ASIA (HANSE Broker House and Partners)

Africa: Refinery Processing Agreements and Joint Ventures

2021/03/31: HANSE OIL Refinery Consortium located in Asia and South Africa express its interest to enter long-term JV-Agreements in this region, enabling HANSE OIL to contribute to exploration activities, its deveopment, technologies as well as production-sharing (HANSE feedstock/crude oil supply per month in exchange for similar volumes of oil products).

We seek interested refineries to expand its presence in the country (West Africa) in the exploration and production segment. These agreements are part of the HANSE Group’s strategy to carry out exploration activities and increase of production. The first agreement involves an exploration and production sharing contract. HANSE OIL offers to be the operator with a Min Share of 15% to 85% interest alongside the partner-refinery, holding the remaining percentage - all aligned with attractive finance- or investment contribution.
Legitimated Bidders (accredited clients) are invited to contact OIL BROKER ASIA.

HANSE Sponsorship

Click for more info Become 2021 a HANSE Sponsor. Year over year, HANSE has shown to be resilient to drastic market crashes in both the financial and global energy-. gas and oil markets. The program supports HANSE OIL partnerships and investors at a global level global level and grants our Sponsors a highly attractive return.

Contract Assignment

Sell us your Energy- or Oil Contract - We purchase your Contract
by assignment, novation, or mutual agreement . Your benefits: Convenience, Comfort, Cash-flow, and no hassle at all. Receive 40-60pct of the purchase price balance to the official market price fixed price) pro rata in three instalments starting with the date of signing straight. Period.
Responsible: HANSE ENERGY (OIL) Holding (Partner Consortium)
Email: HANSE Finance Asia

Nigerian Crude Oil (Purchase)

Please review the LTS Limited Term Sheet 2 here


LITHIUM CARBONATE Africa (Zimbabwe and DRC)
We receive and secure Lithium (battery grade) under long term CT Counter Trade supply agreements. CP: HANSE ENERGY (OIL). Authorized Broker: OIL BROKER ASIA