HANSE Accreditation

Regulatory Licensing

All formal business negotiations and its conclusion are based on KYC HANSE Assessment- and License Formalities essentially in compliance with international banking standard (Basel III + IV).

While our guests receive free price information our licensed clients receive all assistance in every respect and firm offering. The support for our brokers is based on the so-called 'HBCA HANSE Business Consultancy Agreement' protecting against all violent market activities. Our Brokers are not authorized to close any business transactions - trading requires a Trader License or both Broker and Trader jointly in 'PersonaLUnion'. 

License Fees are fully deductible from any business transaction concluded during the first three months. 


Regulatory Licensing



All finance transactions require a Finance-Licensed based on a valid Assessment Account and bona-fide HCI HANSE Conduct- and Loyalty scroring (100.00)

Crude Oil

Crude Oil Trading

Crude Oil transactions are controlled by the ' Oil Club International" Asia. Membership is required or a letter of recommendation signed by at least two Club Members or, alternatively a SGT Single Trade License essentially based on a 'PersonaLUnion' License. Please note that formalities might need up to 3 weeks from the date of membership application. Contact HANSE Business Class for more information.

Virtual License

Virtual Trader License

In some cases clients of our brokers (governments, banks or instutional) would not accept to sign for a trader licence, or at least not in the initial phase of negotiations, or the broker does not yet want to disclose buyer's information. In such case we offer the broker to apply for a 'Virtual License' in the name of that client with limited client information to HANSE. The License must be later formally converted to a regular Trade License


License Concept & Fees

Email Business Class Applicable also for Virtual Licenses. Further, please note that we distinguish between licensing for spot- and term agreements. Please contact HANSE Business Class above for more Info re Finance- and Crude Oil License supplementary. License Fees will be based on INTERACTION (pre-qualification) and your bona-fide assessment.

Broker and Trading License Information

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License Fee



  • License Fee based on Assessment and Interaction

  • One-time base fee; interest-bearing account (9.65%pa)

  • Broker-, Trader or both jointly in PersonaLUnion

  • Licensing for Finance, Crude Oil + Our Suppliers

  • Fees deductible within the first three months

  • Brokerage support

  • HBCA HANSE Brokerage Consultancy Agreement

  • Hidden base-commission on all transactions

  • No underwritings on behalf of HANSE Group

  • Assessment 

  • Trader or 'PersonaLUnion' License

  • Crude Oil and Finance Licensing (supplementary)

  • License for spot and/or term agreements

  • Private (Open) Tender Participation and Support