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HANSE Consultants Austria GmbH maintains the Central Database available for our accredited trade partners  accounts international with over 23,000 entries and relating business- and credit information  (HCI Loyalty & Conduct Index Rating)  with stable outlook. As a service for For our licensed partner we also process data of customers and suppliers as well as data of people who inform of her personal details deliberately (personally, by telephone, by fax or by e-mail) as well as by registration on our website, as well as from the people whose data were taken over by third, for example, with the capture of external data for business information, to public lists. This page shows an updated legal extract from the database 2020 (except accredited partner) linked to HANSE Bank Asia. 


Through our proven methodology for conducting due diligence, we are able to deliver more accurate and comprehensive reports for our accredited partners in a short timeframe. Click 'Search' to check for your name and follow the contact request if applicable. 

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