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Commodity Trading

We actually receive Sulfur, Cement and Fertiizers (bulk) in Counter Trade at most attractive conditions (spot or tterm agreements). We deliver C.F.R., shipment by Maersk Line or HANSE OIL (iberica) Shipping. Please contact HANSE Trading for a price quote, or submit your business application (Inquiry) below.

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HANSE OIL (Iberica) S.L. Shipping, Madrid, Spain

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HANSE Shipping Terms Glossary

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HANSE Finance

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HANSE Investment & Ventures

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HANSE Swaps & Hedging

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The Mentor

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HANSE Non-Recourse Forfaiting

Your Oil & Energy Contract - Our Funds Maximizing Your Non-Bank-Financing with a unique financial solution for your Energy- and Oil businesses. The new concept allows to advance the required funds directly to the supplier and equally secures the end-buyer, allowing the transaction to comfortably complete and profit to flow the business. In short: We execute ALL financial and operational work for our clients as necessary and both pay your seller within 10d and acknowledge/secure your sales contract in every respect. Read the full article here:


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HANSE Consultants GmbH, Vienna, Austria

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Alternative Energy

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