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Contract-by-Contract JV

More than ever before the value-added relationship and business- collaboration are even more important for our global business. The unique concept is based on the ad hoc formation of a single LLC 2-persons offshore company between you and us to manage all aspects and relevant tasks of marketing of the underlying transaction(s) offered by you. 


The HANSE part is to negotiate and execute a successful deal. Key activities include contracting, shipment, banking and financing - hassle free for you as our equal partner (49/51%) - you do not even take part in the company loss (if any).

Create and set-up of a joint venture or business combination requires specialized skills in not only assessing the legal and tax environments, but also the capital market provisions in the local environment and marketing - we  can do since 1983.

As much cooperation as necessary, as much independence as possible: Sustainability, Competence and common entrepre-neurial business characteristics - in the format of a Joint LLC- Venture as a competent market-participant towards  banks and other institutions - with a large group, refinery and bank behind.

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Key points

A typical HANSE Strategic Partnership on par  - a pragmatic approach to enhancing value through partnership.

01.   Company address as per mutual agreement

02.  Type of company: offshore, cooperative JV

03.   Shareholders: You and HANSE OIL Group

04.   Split of Shares 49/51%

05.   Capital: mutual agreement

06.   Limited loss allocation for you; unlimited for HANSE 

07.   Day-to Day Management: HANSE CEO

08.   Financial Background and support by HANSE Group

09.   Reference by HANSE OIL Refining Asia

10.    Bank Reference, and hassl-free settlement

11.     Gain internationally recognized accreditation



Your business (startup), or single deals


Your Purchase Contract

Your signed purchase contract 


Your Sales Contract

Your signed sales contract 

  • Assignment to the new LLC (corporate venture)

  • Energy-,Gas- and Oil  (Trading, financing, Investment) 

  • Safeguard, hassle-free conclusion of the businesses

  • Investment and Financial Support by HANSE Bank 

  • Assignment of Your Purchase Agreement (s) to LLC

  • Professional execution of the complete Agreement

  • Trading, Shipment, Storage and Financing (banking) 

  • Assignment of your HANSE Sales Contract

  • Professional execution supported by HANSE OIL

  • Financial and corporate support HANSE OIL

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