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HANSE Crude Oil

Global Products and Services

We trade crude oil (and gas products) across our teams in Malaysia and Singapore. We offer deep expertise in trading oil, we source barrels of oil from throughout the globe, and have unparalleled access to HANSE Oil Group and our partner's assets, and through our network also source barrels from other producers, which provides us with access to all the key crude grades creating innovative structures for our clients - physical, risk management and financing.

Crude Oil business is privileged for both our licensed brokers or traders and requires even more formalities than other trans-actions. Our crude businesses are controlled by "The Oil Club International"  that requires membership, or in lieu a HANSE OIL SGT Single Crude Trade License supplementary.


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  • Product Details
    VLSD Diesel Fuel 50ppm Bulk Volume: Load Port: Malaysia or UAE No so-called "roll-over" or "extension" agreements
  • Product - Price
    USD$ /NET /MT **haltet****** C.F.R. Destination REPKORMP If price-level "" is indicated: Final Price fixing to be set by HANSE OIL. However, the trader may opt for a firm single price at the time of signing the FTS (liable to opt-fees).
  • Quality
    The quality o the oil supplied hereunder shall be the quality of the oil generally beeing supplied at the time and place of loading,unless specification are prescribed elsewhere in the agreement, in which case such specifications represent the only quality characteristics which the oil isrequire to meet. All offers are usually based on client' requirements which will be reconfirmed by HANSE OIL with the FTS Firm Term Sheet, and replaced by a HANSE OIL MFS Material Fact Sheet at a later stage.
  • Surveillance
    Quantity and Quality shall be established at load port by internationally recognizeable Inspector appointed by sellers, charges for which shall be shared equally.
  • Type of Agreement
    Spot Agreement (max 3 consecutive shipments) with 3 months, or by negotiation. No so-called 'trial' shipments, no extensions.


The Oil Club





  • Evolved from a fraternity of prominent oil trader

  • Executives-, banking and Industry Sponsors

  • Including legal, business, diplomatic leaders

  • Enjoying social wealthy global business ambiance

  • Business controlled by 'The Oil Club International'

  • Access to all crude key grades

  • Building Long-Term Partnerships

  • Private Global Tender Participation

  • Crude handling under Counter Trade Aspects

  • Financing of your Crude Oil Contracts worldwide

  • Up to 92% Forfaiting of Crude Oil Contracts

  • Refinery Supply and Processing Agreements

  • Crude Oil Processing related financial services

  • Best-Price Guarantee (based on Counter Trading)

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