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License Formalities (accredited clients)

Basically, all business transactions beyond he initial offer- and assess level require HANSE OIL licensing (Broker-, Trader or both jointly 'PersonaLUnion' License). Supplementary, licenses are required for HANSE Finance- or SGT Single Trade Crude transactions which application is based on an existing PersonaLUnion License. Our Brokers are invited to pass both Assess- and License Formalities whereas our Traders are invited to pass Assess Formalities and to support the business application with a first class, verifiable bank-reference and relevant proof of funds issued in the name of the buyer which format to comply with international standards - or, alternatively apply for a Trader License.

HANSE Code of Conduct

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Central Database and Customer Restrictions

Central Database Countries: Lebanon, Romania HANSE maintains and publishes a warning list of companies and individuals who may be carrying out unauthorized or fraudulent services and are not supervised by HANSE. Make sure you are fully informed before you sign up for any services. HANSE Partner only: HANSE Consultants GmbH. Vienna, Austria maintains a group global reference database of approx 22,700 entries (4Q.2019) HCI Loyalty- and Conduct Index (Client Rating).

Accreditation (Assessment) Formalities

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Customer Introduction - Interaction

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Fraud Report

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........ offer my cooperation with HANSE

sent a pre-advise to application by email or submit a formal business application we might invite you to complete Interaction here > Just to let you know: We trade refine crude oil, we trade (purchase and selling),ship and store products; we finance, forfait and invest in your business and your energy- and oil contracts worldwide. More?

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........ become a broker or 'mandate'

we do NOT assign so-called "Mandates". As a Broker (or Trader) you are invited to first pass Assess-Formalities, however, you may submit a formless pre-advise by E-Mail for evaluation under email-address:

........ contact the Ombudsman

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........ report Fraud or Scam

complete Fraud - Scam Report here visit HANSE Restrictions and undesired Persons Full details reserved for our licensees and partners upon reasonable request. Due to the enormous potential for profitability in the oil market, the danger is also very present. HANSE licensed brokers are established daily, and in parallel, the HANSE oil market is seeing a rapid growth in spam services. It is important to not be fooled by professional looking websites, but rather to read our reviews of the HANSE services carefully. In addition, it is important to remember that we at HANSE do our very best to locate spam services and warn our partners about them immediately. However, since they are so prevalent, we would really appreciate that if you, as our reader, could notify other readers upon encountering such a service. You can do that effectively by sending us the name of the service via our Contact page, or report form above. Thank you.

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apply here with your Account ID Business meetings require your both (a) Assessmet Account AND (b) a signed agenda.

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OIL BROKER ASIA Prices & Quotes HANSE Prices on this site are password protected (accredited clients only).

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Business Class Information Trade Work Guide

Did you know ..........

........ that we virtually buy, value and sell all (bulk) commodities

....which we receive in counter trade from all over the world? Through our global network. we are uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of counter- and barter trade worldwide from agricultural products to high technology. Key products: Biodiesel. Fertilizers, Sulfur, Cement, Bitumen, Minerals, Wheat and white sugar. We negotiate counter trade from start to finish. Review our current purchase request

........ that we have 2271 licensed Broker and Trader (3Q-2019)

........ worldwide, including Finance- and Crude Oil SGT Single Trade Licences)?

........ that HANSE Consultants offers oil consulting/help services

......... in basically all fields of oil and energy marketing, management, contracting and financing. HANSE Consultants Austria provides a host of strategic research, plannning and advisory services for the HANSE Group.

........ what the Mentor says

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........ that HANSE maintains a most-up-to-date commercial risk database

The most up-to-date commercial risk data and reliable business credit information to support the decisions of all our partners, licensed brokers and traders. Take better decisions thanks to company information based on high quality local data - gain a better insight into your business partners and assess their risk level, thanks to the credit rating and credit opinion (HCI Conduct & Loyalty Index).

........ about HANSE PARTNER 2020 (Co-Ownership)

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........ that we never had an unprofitable year

since our founding over thirty-five years ago, HANSE OIL has never had an unprofitable year

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