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What we are?  A global trading company, the first of its size, scope and independence. HANSE Group offers a complete portfolio of capabilities in the areas of energy-, gas- and oil (refining), trading, finance and investments.


Find answers from A = accreditation, C = communication to W = workflow

Formless inquiries or offers and submission of uncalled documents may remain unattended. Please use format of Business Applications. Note, we NOT communicate via WhatsApp or social networks.


Business Meetings

Asessment and a signed Agenda required 6 days in advance. HANSE reserves to charge (returnable) BMF Business Meeting Fees.


1. Confidence through ensuring consistently high standards of Business Conduct
2. Essential tool for decision making and risk management.
3. Save time and money by selecting an accredited (and therefore competent) supplier.
4. Objective proof that partners have the competence to comply with best practice.
5. Formal HANSE communications, reliable offering (executive partner-based cooperation).
Interaction Assessment

Benchmark (Price)

Also known as: Marker A benchmark is a price quote for a crude grade or product that is used as a reference for pricing other crudes or products. Typically, benchmarks are for a highly traded commodity, with a quality and location that are similar to other commodities. Some examples are: Brent crude, FOB in the North Sea WTI crude, in Cushing Gasoline, Mean of Platts Singapore


Also known as: Crude assay A crude assay is a detailed chemical analysis of a crude oil that can be used to predict the volume and quality of refined products that will result from processing the crude in a refinery. The assay includes an estimate of the volumes of different distillation cuts or fractions that will result from processing a crude through a crude distillation unit. This is described in terms of the volume of crude that evaporates at different temperature ranges (or boiling points). Typically, an assay contains nine distillation cuts ranging from refinery gas to vacuum residuum. For each distillation cut, the assay will also provide a number of quality characteristics. These include properties that affect how the cut will perform when processed through a conversion. unit (e.g., density, concarbon, N+2A) and properties that affect the quality of any product that the cut is blended directly into (e.g., cetane, octane, sulfur).


Broker License. Our Brokers are not authorized to close any business transactions on HANSE behalf unless they have obtained a Trader License (both licenses in PersonaLUnion). Brokers are protected against all violent market measures based on the HBCA 'HANSE Business Consultancy Agreement' that certifies a customer protection and a hidden base commission on all HANSE transactions.


Assessment (Accreditation) is required to demonstrate conformance with the business- and banking standards (Basel III + IV), and requirements of laws. All clients dealing with us beyond the simple information level need to pass assessment formalities to proceed accessing the business level. Clients receive indicative offer concepts and CON Term Sheets. Same time assessment is the base for your License Application and formal offering (FTS Firm Term Sheet). Assessment Fee: €1900 p.a. Assessment Application

Barter Trade

Barter Goods and/or services are exchanged against other goods and/or services of equivalent value, and no money changes hands between the buyer and seller. In the simplest case, the goods being offered in payment are delivered to the exporter, and he tries to sell them. HANSE Group is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of Barter- and Counter Trade worldwide.

Assessment: how to avoid assessment

Check that you can meet at least one of the following criteria:
A. You are recommended by a bank, an institution, recognizeable oil trader or a refinery; Or
B. You can submit a SBLC or BCL linked to your request (size and value); OR
C. You can prove 2 recommendation letters each signed by an accredited HANSE Partner.

Business Club HANSE

HANSE Business Club & Association 2020 - Global Relationships for Members Broker, Trader and Investors site-by-site with HANSE OIL As a general rule, you essentially enjoy all the proven benefits of a well-positioned and advanced network of the HANSE Group. https://www.hanseoil.net/business-club


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