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What we are? A global trading-, finance- and investment company, the first of its size, scope and independence. Our Group offers you a complete portfolio of capabilities in the areas of Energy-, Gas- and Crude Oil. 


Find answers from  A = assessment,  C = communication,  L = licenses  to  W = workflow

Formless inquiries or offers, or submission of uncalled documents may remain unattended. We do not communicate via WhatsApp or Social Networks. Please click  'Business Applications' hereunder, or below below this page. Thank you.


Business Meetings

Asessment and a signed Agenda required 6 days in advance. HANSE reserves to charge (returnable) BMF Business Meeting Fees.


1. Confidence through ensuring consistently high standards of Business Conduct
2. Essential tool for decision making and risk management.
3. Save time and money by selecting an accredited (and therefore competent) supplier.
4. Objective proof that partners have the competence to comply with best practice.
5. Formal HANSE communications, reliable offering (executive partner-based cooperation).
Interaction Assessment

Benchmark (Price)

Also known as: Marker A benchmark is a price quote for a crude grade or product that is used as a reference for pricing other crudes or products. Typically, benchmarks are for a highly traded commodity, with a quality and location that are similar to other commodities. Some examples are: Brent crude, FOB in the North Sea WTI crude, in Cushing Gasoline, Mean of Platts Singapore


Also known as: Crude assay A crude assay is a detailed chemical analysis of a crude oil that can be used to predict the volume and quality of refined products that will result from processing the crude in a refinery. The assay includes an estimate of the volumes of different distillation cuts or fractions that will result from processing a crude through a crude distillation unit. This is described in terms of the volume of crude that evaporates at different temperature ranges (or boiling points). Typically, an assay contains nine distillation cuts ranging from refinery gas to vacuum residuum. For each distillation cut, the assay will also provide a number of quality characteristics. These include properties that affect how the cut will perform when processed through a conversion. unit (e.g., density, concarbon, N+2A) and properties that affect the quality of any product that the cut is blended directly into (e.g., cetane, octane, sulfur).


Broker License. Our Brokers are not authorized to close any business transactions on HANSE behalf unless they have obtained a Trader License (both licenses in PersonaLUnion). Brokers are protected against all violent market measures based on the HBCA 'HANSE Business Consultancy Agreement' that certifies a customer protection and a hidden base commission on all HANSE transactions.


Assessment (Accreditation) is required to demonstrate conformance with the business- and banking standards (Basel III + IV), and requirements of laws. All clients dealing with us beyond the simple information level need to pass assessment formalities to proceed accessing the business level. Clients receive indicative offer concepts and CON Term Sheets. Same time assessment is the base for your License Application and formal offering (FTS Firm Term Sheet). Assessment Fee: €1900 p.a. Assessment Application

Barter Trade

Barter Goods and/or services are exchanged against other goods and/or services of equivalent value, and no money changes hands between the buyer and seller. In the simplest case, the goods being offered in payment are delivered to the exporter, and he tries to sell them. HANSE Group is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of Barter- and Counter Trade worldwide.

Assessment: how to avoid assessment

Check that you can meet at least one of the following criteria:
A. You are recommended by a bank, an institution, recognizeable oil trader or a refinery; Or
B. You can submit a SBLC or BCL linked to your request (size and value); OR
C. You can prove 2 recommendation letters each signed by an accredited HANSE Partner.
Options do not release the client from License Application.

Business Club HANSE

HANSE Business Club & Association 2020 - Global Relationships for Members Broker, Trader and Investors site-by-site with HANSE OIL As a general rule, you essentially enjoy all the proven benefits of a well-positioned and advanced network of the HANSE Group. https://www.hanseoil.net/business-club


HANSE Banking Asia
HANSE Bank expands the product range of the Financial Services unit at HANSE OIL HOLDING for corporate and accredited customers. HANSE Bank’s clients primarily include companies (Broker and Trader), special purpose entities and public-sector debtors. The bank does not offer products to retail-banking customers. HANSE Bank is based in Hongkong and has currently offices in and Singapore and The Caribbean. The primary focus are Latin America and Asian countries as well as selected emerging markets. HANSE Bank was established in 2014 and acts as an independent company, but profits from its integration into the partner companies of the HANSE Group.

Assignment - We purchase your contract

Sell us your Energy- or Oil Contract - We purchase your Contract
by assignment, novation, or mutual agreement . Your benefits: Convenience, Comfort, Cash-flow, and no hassle at all. Receive 40-60pct of the purchase price balance to the official market price fixed price) pro rata in three instalments starting with the date of signing straight. Period.
Responsible: HANSE ENERGY (OIL) Holding (Partner Consortium)
Email: HANSE Finance Asia

Bunker - Marine Fuels

We provide energy to marine vessels around the world. HANSE Bunkering offers you one contact person and one set of terms worldwide. We always do business in our own name. This helps to eliminate your risks no matter where your vessel takes bunkers. We guarantee you the right bunker quality at the right price at the agreed place and time. We are always available with advice and guidance. HANSE Bunker Terms & Conditions (see Documents)

Business Applications

Click here Business Inquiries or offers r submision of uncalled documents will be only attended if submitted in HANSE format.



Downstream refers to the part of the petroleum value chain where crude oil is converted into marketable refined products. Refining is the core part of the downstream, though transportation and marketing are sometimes also included in the definition.

Dubai Crude

Dubai is a medium sour crude oil grade, produced in the United Arab Emirates. As one of the few spot traded Middle Eastern grades, it is an important benchmark crude for the market.


A sum agreed by HANSE (the Charterer) to be paid as 'liquidated damages' for delay beyond a stipulated time or reasonable time for loading or discharging. Demurrage in oil charters is paid per running hour and sometimes it is based on Worldscale rates which vary according to ships' sizes, ie the deadweight capacity.


Seller may invite Buyers to make a Deposit into Sellers account (SBF Security Bidding Fee and/or SDA Security Deposit Amount) if no sufficient securities or backing of his purchase commitment can be provided. Deposits will be held by Sellers in a zero-interest account and are refundable or deductible from the underlying transaction. All payments must be provided in the name and on behalf of the contract party as account holder.


HANSE is on its way. Enhancing our digital capabilities strongly advances our organization’s progress to increase energy access and develop next-generation solutions for our customers. From incorporating virtual reality into our safety training to driving data-based insights in our operations, boundless opportunities exist through digital transformation.



EN590 is the emissions standard for automotive diesel in Europe set by the European Union.

Embargoes (Restrictions)

HANSE Group maintains a global database containing Undesired Persons and Companies (extracts openly published in our website(s). Details available for our accrediited partners upon reasonable request. Review Database Etracts here

Ethics & Corruption

We expect high ethical standards of everyone who acts on our behalf, and we encourage our business partners to implement ethics standards compatible with our own. We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption in any form, including facilitation payments. We will comply with all applicable anti-corruption and bribery laws and take active steps to ensure that bribery or corruption does not occur in our business activities.

Electronic Data Interchange (HANSE OIL)

(HANSE) EDI allows computers to talk to omputers by networking and it is concerned with the transfer of formatted; standardised information. Standards are the heart of EDI, and are needed to ensure that both parties involved in EDI can understand and communicate with each other. EDI defines the messages that can be sent. HANSE Pivate Bank Hongkong is member of EDI Networking.

eMobility charging network HANSE

HANSE ENERGY & Partners has plans to set up its own eMobility and EV fast-charging Network Infrastructure in South Africa, India as well as accross some Asian countries around established travel patterns. International electric vehicle (EV) sales grew globally by 61% in 2020. We are looking for potential Investors and Joint Ventures on a global scale headed by HANSE ENERGY (OIL), preferably out of the middle of the HANSE-Family worldwide. Qualified bidders are invited to contact us here: hansegroup@hanseoil.asia.

eMobility network-cooperation and investment basics

HANSE ENERGY & Partners has plans to set up its own eMobility and EV fast-charging Network Infrastructure in South Africa, India as well as accross some Asian countries around established travel patterns. We are looking for potential Investors and Joint Ventures on a global scale headed by HANSE ENERGY (OIL), preferably out of the middle of the HANSE-Family worldwide. Application Requirements: Completion of HANSE OIL Interaction HANSE OIL Accreditation, Assessment HANSE Licensing based on assessment

Expertise (HANSE Group)

Our expertise: Explore and produce Oil & Gas Renewable energies Bioenergies Transform and develop Electricity Refining & petrochemical Polymers Specialty chemicals Ship and market Trading & shipping Products & services Projects and achievements


Forward Contract

A forward contract is a contract between two parties for exchange of a volume of cargo at a specified future date for a specified price. For crude oil and refined products, there are two types of forward contracts: OTC (over the counter) - A custom, non-exchange-traded forward contract Futures - A standardized, exchange-traded paper contract


Futures are highly standardized, exchange-traded forward contracts for crude and refined products. Only a limited number of commodities have futures contracts.

Finance License

Finance and Investments businesses require principally supplementary licensing, also based on both 'PersonaLUnion' AND the size of the underlying transaction.


Interaction: free Assessment: €1900 p.a. License Fees based on Assessment (fully deductible from any business transaction during the first 3 months). Assessment Application

Legal Department (Finance)

HANSE Legal Assistance and Support: Our global structured trade and commodity finance lawyers cover the full range of commodities work for clients including financial institutions, alternative financiers, commodity producers, traders, corporations, export credit agencies and other multilateral institutions. We have significant experience advising on structured transactions and devising legal and practical solutions across a variety of products both in established and emerging markets. Our lawyers have an extensive track record in the financing of the production, export, transport, warehousing and sale and purchase of commodities including energy, gas oil and oil products.

Financing: tailore-made solutions

Adjusting to a wide variety of new demands More than ever, organizations require financial partners that can develop strategic solutions to meet today’s evolving market needs. HANSE is positioned to adjust to a constantly shifting market environment where capital demands are less predictable. The company supports projects across a wide variety of industries, covering the full scope of a diverse and flexible financing portfolio. When customers purchase from HANSE products or services, they may be unaware of the diverse financing options HANSE has to offer.


Gas to Liquid

Gas to liquid is a process for producing refined products directly from natural gas instead of from crude oil, using the Fischer-Tropsch process. HANSE OIL REFINING ASIA


Abbreviation for Golf of Mexico

Green (Renewable) Energy

HANSE Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources that can be replenished. These include solar, wind, geothermal and hydro. Contact us for more information; Financing, Investments, Start-Ups and Joint Ventures 2021.



Hedging is the use of commercial contracts to reduce market risk exposure. Thus, if the price of oil remains stable, there will be no need for hedging. But with the constant changes in the price of oil, the future market enables enables our clients to have a kind of shield against price fluctuation.

HCI HANSE Client Loyalty and Conduct Rankig

Clients are ranked (the 'HCI Index and Rating ') on their ease and performance of doing business with our group, from 100.00 (Excellent) - 109.99 (Poor). A low ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatorys more conducive to the starting and operation of HANSE business transactions substantially in view of business transactions with our group.

HANSE OIL about our name

In 2020, we changed our name from HANSE OIL to HANSE ENERGY (OIL). The biggest transition our modern-day energy systems have ever seen is underway, and we aim to take part in the development. Our name change supports our strategy as a recognizeable energy company.


High sulphur straight run which relates to fueloil. M100SR, Russia straight run fuel, popular for arbitrage trades to USA and China.


HANSE OIL REFINERY Asia was commissioned in 2004. The refinery has facilities for crude distillation and vacuum distillation, TCC gasoline desulphurisation, a visbreaker, reformer, solvents dearomatisation and bitumen. The refinery is fully compliant with ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001 requirements.


Integrated Oil Company

Also known as: IOC, Major Integrated oil companies are ones that play across the entire petroleum value chain from oil exploration and production (upstream) to transport, refining, and marketing (downstream). HANSE OIL is an Integrated Oil Company.

Interaction (free format)

As a first step, we invite you to complete INTERACTION upon which HANSE approval you are invited to proceed with assessment formalities. Free Interaction

Islamic Finance

HANSE FINANCE ASIA and HANSE BANK HK practice cooperatively various types of Islamic financing in energy-, gas-, oil- and commodity fields.

Inspector (Surveyor)

Assessing the quality of oil starts with its extraction and continues through processing, storage, and transport to the client. nspection (sampling) is usually conducted by a recognized international inspector at the port of loading and for HANSE account. All products will be certified by an internationally recognized Inspector at the port of loading for the account of HANSE. Primary duties are : (a) to test or measure the cargo and to witness tests and measurements, (b) to verify the statement o the quality and quantity.

Integrity and Fair dealing

A market participant should exercise ntegrity and fair dealing in its oil market activities and should not attempt improperly to manipulate the market.


All HANSE shipments by HANSE OIL (Iberica) S.A. Shipping, Spain, are generally based on C.F.R. final destination. Under C.F.R. HANSE shall pay the costs and freight necessary to procure the goods to the named destination. The risk of loss or of damage to the goods are to e borne by the buyer when the goods are placed nto the ship in the port of shipment. HANSE OIL can provide Marine Insurance cover upon buyers request based n the siged term sheet.


Incoming business applications will be only attended if submitted in HANSE format (business application). We shall usually provide you with the appropriate format in return of your formless e-mail inquiry bearing subject, personal or coporate data and signature.

International Standards

HANSE adheres to the following standards: International standards or specifications are extremely important as they indicate whether engine oils have passed the latest tests set out by international bodies. The 2 most important of these are the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and API (American Petroleum Institute). Total Quartz Ineo First 0W-30 is classified as an ACEA C1 highlighting it as a low SAPS engine oil.


Jet A Fuel

Jet A is the standard grade of aviation turbine fuel (jet fuel) used in the US. It has a slightly higher freeze point (-40C) than the Jet A-1 grade (-47C) used in international aviation.

Joint Venture

Cooperative Joint Venture What is a cooperative Joint Venture as offered by OIL BROKER ASIA?

Cooperative joint ventures allow for more flexible agreements between the joint venture parties. In cooperative joint ventures companies have the choice to organize themselves as a limited liability company or as a non-legal person in which the partners are subject to unlimited liability. This means that the partners are entirely liable for losses the joint venture may incur. In practice, the majority of cooperative joint ventures are set up as limited liability companies. The other major difference between a cooperative joint venture and an equity joint venture is that, in a cooperative joint venture, profits can be allocated according to the partners’ discretion and do not have to be proportional to the investments made by the partners. The parties may also agree that one party recovers its investment through an accelerated repayment structure, whereas the other party will become the owner of the joint venture’s assets after termination of the joint venture.


Place to berth a tanker for loading and discharging the cargo on board, At discharging it is the vessel pumping the oil and when loading it is the shore terminal which is pumping. A terminal will only approve vessels which are able to berth in a safe matter. Draft, LOA, and the vessel conditions are important as well as the information about ship's manifold. Operations are impossible when the loading-arm on the jetty cannot be connected to the ship's manifold.



Also known as: kero, kerosine Kerosene is a distillation cut primarily made up of molecules with 9 to 12 carbon atoms. The kerosene distillation cut has a boiling range between 330 and 550F. The primary use of kerosene is as a blend stock to make jet fuel. It can also be sold directly as kerosene fuel oil (No. 1 fuel oil), which goes by a number of names including stove oil, lamp oil, and range oil. A highly purified form of kerosene (white oil) is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products. Kerosene can also be blended in significant amounts into diesel fuel. The lighter end of the kerosene distillation cut can also be lifted into the heavy naphtha cut above to increase the volume of feed to the reformer. This is one lever that the refinery has to shift its yield away from diesel and toward gasoline. Also, if necessary, kerosene will be used as a cutter stock to reduce the viscosity of residual fuel oil. However, this results in a significant value downgrade for kerosene, versus its other uses, so will be kept to a minimum.


Key performance indicator, like for a trader profit level, volumes, portfolio of customers, market share, etc.etc. Traders get often bonuses paid based on their performance.

Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel

A kerosene-based product having a maximum distilation temperature of 400° F/204° C at the 10-percent recovery point, and a final maximum boiling point of 572° F/300° C. It is used for commercial (normal passenger air craft) and military turbojet and turboprop aircraft engines.


Licensing (regular)

Formal business negotaitions or conclusion require HANSE OIL formal licensing as Broker, Trader or both in PersonaLUnion, based on your regular Assessment Account. Supplementary Licensing is required for single crude- and finance transactions, based on your PersonaLUnion License (or membership in the "The Oil Club International'). License Fees are deductible from all business transactions during the first 3 months). Cross-link: "Brokerage Consultancy Agreement (HBCA).


2451 License Holders worldwide as per 1Q/2021 that includes accredited Broker, Traders and Sponsors.

Finance Legal

HANSE Legal Department (Finance and Investment) Our global structured trade and commodity finance lawyers cover the full range of commodities work for clients including financial institutions, alternative financiers, commodity producers, traders, corporations, export credit agencies and other multilateral institutions. We have significant experience advising on structured transactions and devising legal and practical solutions across a variety of products both in established and emerging markets. Our lawyers have an extensive track record in the financing of the production, export, transport, warehousing and sale and purchase of commodities including energy, gas oil and oil products.

Laboratories HANSE OIL ASIA

Full Spectrum Tests and Analyses from exploration to production. We go one step beyond providing comprehensive results to help you understand the implications of that data on your business and operations—whether upstream, midstream, or downstream. HANSE laboratory performs a full suite of tests on crude oil and other feedstocks for the refining, blending and petrochemical industry. Our technical support team is on hand to provide assistance on all matters linked to standards, working practices and technologies in use for our group's businesses.

Letter of Credit

Documentary irrevocable, confirmed Letter of Credit, or by HANSE Electronic Documentary Payment (Investor Accounts) to Seller's Account, or by open account trading, free of all charges with the Bank of New York, NY (or such other bank account as may be advised by Sellers from time to time). Deposit and License(s) Fee deductible, or refundable upon instruction. HANSE does not accept other bank instruments, such as Bank Guarantees, endorsed purchase orders, account- or funds-confirmation, etc.



MidstreamThe midstream is the part of the petroleum value chain focused on transportation of crude oil and refined products. It is usually defined to include:Movement of crude, NGLs, and product by pipeline, tanker truck, barge, tanker, and railStorage of crude and product outside of refineriesFractionation of NGLs into components

Mont Belvieu

Mont Belvieu is a major hub for NGL fractionation and trading, located on the US Gulf Coast outside of Houston, Texas.

Marine Insurance

HANSE OIL -upon request of our customer (trader)- can provide Marine Insurance (all risks). Offer based on the signed FTS Firm Term Sheet.

Mentor HANSE

You can reach the HANSE Mentor under the following link or through our Portal: Click here


We, as mandates of a refinery... HANSE is very reserved to read from so-called "mandates" of (mostly Russian) refineries moreover sent from private email addresses. HANSE OI Refinery Asia as other refineries would never issue any "Mandates" or sell/purchase through private brokers or social networks. Refineries have their own internationally recognized traders. Period.

Master Trade Account (HANSE ENERGY)

HIGH RETURN IN DEPOSIT or StandBy Letter of Credit Full Accreditation and Green Power Donation anticipated To discuss the possibility of setting up a trade credit account with HANSE OIL, please contact us by email finance.invest@oilbroker.asia and we will deal with your request.


Persons acting as so-called 'Mandates" are requested to prove there mandate by a certified public notary statement which authorization may not be older then 3 (three) months.



NYMEX crude is the exchange-traded contract for WTI on the NYMEX commodities exchange. There is both an active spot and futures market for NYMEX crude, which has helped to make it (along with Brent) one of the major crude oil benchmarks.

NOR Notice of Readiness

Nomination of a vessel means naming the vessel to undertake the performance of the contract. It requires giving a notice of the vessel's particulars. Nomination of a loadport means naming the port where the oil is to be loaded. The notice of nomination gives details of the port, the loading system etc.


Operating Costs

Operating costs typically refer to only the non-hydrocarbon costs associated with running the refinery. Refinery costs are typically measured per barrel of crude oil processed. These are typically grouped into fixed and variable categories depending on whether they vary with throughput or not. Fixed costs are any costs that do not vary with the level of throughput at any point in time. Examples are labor and equipment. Fixed costs are typically measured relative to crude processing capacity (e.g., USD/bbl crude distillation capacity). Fixed costs are also frequently subdivided into costs associated with maintaining the refinery (maintenance costs), costs of running the refinery (operating costs), and costs of managing the refinery (supervisory, overhead, support) Variable costs are any costs that vary with the level of refinery throughput. Examples include energy, catalyst, and chemicals. Variable costs are typically measured relative to crude throughput (e.g., USD/bbl crude run or USD/bbl of utilized crude capacity). Generally, all costs are assumed to vary with refinery size and with refinery complexity.

Ombudsman (HANSE)

The Ombudsman Service was set by the Board as the official Expert in settling individual disputes between clients and the HANSE OIL Group. We know we can not please everyone all the time – and our decisions are often disappointing for the side that doesn't hear what they wanted to hear. But whatever the outcome of your case, we hope you will be satisfied with the level of service we provide.We know that, as in any organisation, things can sometimes go wrong. Please tell us if this happens, so that we can put things right and learn from any mistakes.In all our contact with our clients – clients and businesses – we expect our staff to be polite, considerate and professional. Many of the disputes we are asked to settle involve complex legal issues. But we always try to explain our views and decisions clearly,