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Connecting capital with innovation

HANSE Invest is a leading independent energy company with a business model that can stand the test of time. We measure success in the returns we deliver to our investors. With a strong balance sheet, a most disciplined capital investment philosophy and growth-oriented, long-term planning process, we have the resources, foresight and expertise to deliver value year after year.

HANSE Invest offers world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisors around the globe. We are partners with our clients on their journey to build better futures for themselves and generations to come. As a privately-owned business, our only commitment is to you, our clients. This allows us to focus on the long term, investing in every stage of your life journey to help you grow your hard-earned money and plan for your future with confidence


Investments in the energy sector often require large amounts of capital to support new and expensive technologies. Customized financial solutions are critical to bringing efficient technologies to market. HANSE offers investment solutions ranging from advisory services to debt and equity capital and equipment and technology finance options to help our clients in the energy and natural resource markets address tomorrow’s energy needs today. 

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Joint Ventures


Devoloping Markets

  • HANSE a standout among other Investors

  • Trade Financing, Guarantees, Bonds

  • Energy, Gas and Oil Project Financing

  • Corporate Lending and Startup Support

  • Investments in Gas & LNG Projects worldwide

  • HANSE BANK Asia Hongkong

  • Growth and Shares Investments

  • HANSE Ventures - reach the next level  

  • HANSE Refinery JV & Processing Agreements

  • StartUp JV (New Energy, Gas and Oil)

  • Emerging Technology Ventures Capital

  • Off-Take Agreements: Energy. Gas and Oil

  • Emerging and Developing Markets Debts

  • Institutional Investments in Infrastructures 

  • Private Investors and Capital (Energy and Oil)

  • Refining/Production to global export standards 

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