HANSE OIL Executive Offer Concept

You have the business - we offer you partnership for each your single transaction: Executive Business References, Banking, Reputation, Marketing and Contract Closing.

THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE: You have the business and look for a serious and potential business partner to jointly safeguard and professionally conclude the transaction.

We are interested to execute the business side by side with you as our JV-Partner: we both jointly form a LLC Limited Partnership Company (offshore) to control and conclude the underlying single transaction until completion, even under the aspect to jointly maintain our business for future transactions.

Business- and Company-Setup by HANSE shared between you as our LLC Partner and a competent relevant HANSE (staff) manager, backed by the entire HANSE group: profit split according to mutual agreement, moderate investment, no loss allocation.

CONCLUSIO: as much cooperation as necessary, as much independence as possible: Sustainability, Competence and common entrepreneurial business characteristics - a competent partner for banks and other institutions.



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