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Investor-Consortium for responsible investments and trading

NEWLY FORMED INVESTOR CONSORTIUM around Mitsui-Mitsubishi Group and HANSE ENERGY Asia offers (a) Responsible Investments (ESG) worldwide and (b) Global Trading (Purchase and Sales Offers) of sustainable energy- and oil products.

For single transactions, we use a multi-​strategy framework that allows our clients to translate their personal values into investment decisions. This new framework was created by a group of HANSE OIL- and MITSUI-specialists with expertise in the fields of sustainability, portfolio management and asset management.

Inquiries to join the Consortium, Applications for Finance- or Investments, or simply your sales- and purchase offers can be comfortably addressed to any accredited HANSE Finance Partner, Associate, Investor, 'The Oil Club International' or to HANSE Bank Asia (HK). Thank you.

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