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HANSE Products

We provide worldwide knowledge-based, project-driven and innovative business solutions and services.

Our global trading network gives us a 24-hour market presence. HANSE Trading supports the group's businesses, in particular Oil Products, Gas and Power and Chemicals, by trading natural gas, crude oil, refined products, biofuels, chemical feedstocks, environmental products and freight. Our trading activities are driven by our deep understanding of supply and demand fundamentals in global energy and oil  markets. Throughout HANSE's global network, we trade gasoline, middle distillates, heating oil, biofuel and natural gas and LNG as well as bulk commodities mainly under Counter- or Barter Trade aspects.  


Our aim is to create value for HANSE Investors, customers and counter parties worldwide by forging successful partnerships that generate mutually beneficial commercial opportunities.



Crude Oil


Energy, Gas



  • Access to all crude key grades

  • Active in most crude oil markets

  • Quality Crude at competitive prices

  • Long-Term Customer Relationships 

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Gas, Power and environmental Products

  • Energy-Technology related financial Services

  • Renewable Energy Solutions or Wind and Water

  • Active across all stages of the energy value chain

  • Significant global LNG marketing and trading 

  • Individually tailored cross-commodity businesses 

  • Agricultural Fertilizers and insight Information

  • Industrial Lubricants and Oils for Business

  • Futures and Commodity Options

  • Best-Price Guarantee based on Counter Trading

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