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Our Suppliers

Building strong relationships with our contractors and suppliers is essential to delivering new projects and running our operations. In line with our HANSE General Business Principles and Supplier principles, we seek to work with contractors and suppliers or Brokers who contribute to sustainable development and are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Collaboration with our suppliers in HANSE is a key part of our philosophy. We do not just look at the product; we look at the overall system and how to make it better. And we even look outside of energy- and oil for innovations. Working together, we are providing breakthrough business service today and a road map for the future energy-oil trading, your trade- financing as well as investments.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to HANSE, we recommend that you register your company information in the qualification systems listed below. Joining these databases does not guarantee that you will become a supplier to HANSE. 

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Offer Registration


Supplier Rules


HANSE Request

  • Register your Offer (free)

  • Your Reference plus Offer-Data in Supplier Portal

  • Access to HANSE Open Tender Positions online

  • Formal Registration as HANSE Supplier (Licensee)

  • Business conclusion liable to Assess- and Licensing

  • Listing in our global database (24.722 readers)

  • HANSE excellent base-commissions

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