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Business Class Work Guide

 We produce, sell and buy products

in the classic way 

Trader Account: we receive your L/C once the product is on board

 LLC Offshore Formation 49/51

with you as partner

Refining, Trading, Shipping & Financing

Work as Broker,Trader or in PersonaLUnion

No waste of time and money, no hussle with contract management, no tedious search for recognizeable clients- or broker, framed by a proven professional all-in-management, in short: a partnership which includes HANSE OIL Refining Asia HANSE Bank HK and finally:  Our Global Name


HANSE Business Consultancy Agreement

Base Commission on all businesses

Products under counter trade aspects

Tender participation via local partners


Privileged Refinery Reference

HANSE Mentor Support

Ombudsman and Mediation

 Requirements one-for-all

Bank Business-Related Comfort Letter or

Recommendation by  2 HANSE Partner or

HANSE Assessment (Accreditation)

Bona-Fide HCI Rating (100.00)

We deal on a "Single Contract" Basis

 Joint Venture Agreement

Tailored contract-management and execution, uniquely structured by HANSE OIL. We care about Your contract from A-Z and offering you all essentials and references you may need to successfully conclude the transaction; again, no hassle for you: bank account, financing and credit line in place. 


Document and Contract Management

Contract Financing and L/C Discounting

Profit Share by agreement

Corporate Banking and Service

Relevant Requirements

Your signed Purchase- or Sale Agreement

HANSE OIL Full Accreditation

We setup a joint LLC Offshore Company

You are a Share Holder (49/51)

High-End mutually tailored partnership for the execution of single oil contracts, or project financing  (Special Purpose Unit Contract). The new company ends with settlement of the underlying business- transactions and bears basically a limited risk while working under a clear management structure.


Profit Share by company statutes

Limited Partnership

Eligible countries: Delaware, Dubai.

Limited loss participation (partner)

Share holder: You and HANSE Mandate

Financial setup and management 

Corporate Banking and Services

Legal Opinion

Relevant Requirements

Limited Partner Off-Shore Company

Limited Capital 

Shares 49/51

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