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Strategic Partnership Contract-by-Contract

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Joint Venture with HANSE OIL and formation of an off-shore LLC special purpose company - two share holders - you and HANSE OIL - CEO HANSE - 49/51 Shares.

PURPOSE: Selling, Shipping (Storage) Financing (Investment) and banking (HANSE Bank Asia) of YOUR (offer) sales- or purchase contract (single transactions). Profit Share: 50/50

YOUR BENEFIT: A recognizable Marketing- and Finance partner on your side, creditworthiness the collateralisation of the underlying business, no waste of time, no hussle with contract management, clients-or broker search, transport, framed by a professional all-in management - a partnership that includes HANSE OIL Refinery, HANSE OIL Bank, and, our Global Name.


Conclusive offers to email:

or addressed to one of our subsidairies at site:

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