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HANSE where we operate

From Berlin into the wide world, via London and Moscow – HANSE was an international company from early on.  One look at the anniversaries of the international companies shows how deep HANSES’ roots reach around the world today – or, expressed differently, just how large the company’s “local footprint” on the international scale is.


Find our more about the full scope of our businesses, operations and community investments. We are actively seeking international opportunities for cooperation and processing agreements basically in all fields including startups. At HANSE, we believe the best way to earn trust is through openness and transparency. That’s why we always open to new ideas, wherever we go for work. Like any good neighbour would.

We recognize that no two markets are the same, and we take a flexible approach to creating long-term growth and lasting value, whether we are operating in Brazil, West and East Africa, North America, the Middle East or Russia.

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Sub-Saharan Africa: HANSE offers Credit Report and solutions to keep the portfolio updated on all African Countries thanks to our huge HCI database and strong in-depth relationship with best in class local providers .


Central Information





  • Our group offices are in Cyprus and Singapore

  • Global strength and local focus 

  • We invest or finance oil and energy worldwide

  • Where we are represented

  • We welcome the collaboration with Brokers

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