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* Partner as of 2Q.2021

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We have a history of doing things differently. Recognized for excellence in energy and oil-  trading,  refining, financing and investments. 

Dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing


The HANSE OIL Refining Consortium operates as refiner and producer of products, feedstock & petrochemicals - while HANSE OIL HOLDING manages the supply chain. 

Reliable Supply. HANSE refinery's clean products include premium grades such as reformulated gasoline, jet fuel, ultra-low sulfur diesel and aromatics.  

HANSE collaborates with major global provider of oil and crude tanker shipping as well as  tank storage services world-wide. We maintain our own fleet, charter and sub-charter. 

HANSE OIL stores crude oil, fuel oil and naphtha in terminals in Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston to meet the demand, supply and bunkering.

HANSE Trade- and Project Financing including investments in new assets, refinancing transactions, mergers and innovative startup ventures basically in all fields of energy, gas & oil.

Central to the success of our business are the long-term relationships we have built within the global finance sector out of the middle of HANSE Partners.

Trader Account: We receive your L/C only once the product is loaded

Energy, Gas & HANSE OIL

Founded 1983 in Austria - at home all over the world. As an independent private company, we are owners, and we can focus exclusively on clients and their needs. We look back at 39 years of experience in oil business hence you are in good and experienced hands. Integrity is the guiding principle of HANSE OIL which reflects the essential character of the entire HANSE Group.


Our global energy trading business connects HANSE ENERGY to the world’s traded markets for oil, gas, power, and refinery feedstocks. We buy and sell this oil and gas around the world. Our teams work to maximize the value of our products, secure supply to our refineries and transport energy to consumer hubs, all while managing the related financial and logistical risks.  


We trade a varied range of products including crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, power as well physical commodities which we receive in Counter Trade. In March, 2020, we have partly outsourced our brokerage step by step to our new associated OBA Broker House in Hongkong.

Independent privately owned Broker House for HANSE OIL since 2020 consolidating and serving all clients  NOT accredited with HANSE OIL. 

As a general rule, you essentially enjoy all the proven benefits of a well-positioned and advanced network of the HANSE OIL Group worldwide.

HANSE OIL remains responsible for all accredited partners / Investors.  Basically nothing will change in our cooperation with OIL BROKER ASIA.

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