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HANSE Workshops 2020

Energy, Gas & HANSE OIL

Since its creation in 1996 HANSE Group has steadily increased in open partnership and created stronger collaborative links. 2020, The Oil Club International' sponsors again regional workshops as part of fulfilling its mandate to support HANSE ENERGY businesses globally. Proposals for the organization of regional conferences are actively solicited and should be addressed to HANSE Administration.

The workshop is a perfect opportunity to create valuable connections that span countries and continents, broaden personal horizons, and gain motivation for finding and implementing solutions to urgent problems. Collaborative projects and technology transfer initiatives within the network are often hatched at this event.

One of the activities in this project is the organization of regional workshops to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge among HANSE Partner, Broker and Trader globally. These regional workshops provide a platform to review progress in the planning and implementation of HANSE Trade- and Finance activities at site.

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Your long-term success is the foundation of everything we do. Our passionate service people deliver the right service services for your individual challenges today and in the future. This commitment is built upon existing and coming trustworthy partnerships. Your confidence is our promise.   We are there –  HANSE ENERGY Support


Locations 2020


Terms & Conditions


Travel & Formalities

  • South East Asia:   Singapore, Malaysia

  • Middle East:   Bahrain, Dubai

  • Latin America:  Panama, Venezuela

  • Africa:  South Africa, Republic, Morocco

  • Europe:  UK, France

  • USA and Canada:  Houston, Vancouver

  • Closed door private by-invitation workshops

  • Accredited (licensed) partner, only. 1 Person.

  • Minimum enrollment of 20 participants 

  • Full board and accommodation included

  • Silmultaneous Translater-Service

  • Limited Number of Guests  (liable to fees)

  • Email us for information and dates

  • Reservation two months in advance

  • Valid Passport (6> month validity)

  • VISA (if applicable)

  • 50% discount on all Business Class Flights

  • LH HON Circle or Senator Status for our Investors

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