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Through a strategic partnership with various investment banks and high net worth individuals, we are able to finance projects and provide corporate loans and equity investment globally.We are committed to providing financial services to the energy sector as we are convinced that energy supply is the key element to economic and social development. We recognise the environmental challenge especially the problem of climate change as one of the main collective hazards ever experienced worldwide and acknowledge the strategic importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. 

Whether in renewables, conventional power or oil & gas, energy projects often require substantial amounts of money. Funds must be secured in order to move ahead with the various phases of completing such large-scale projects. From planning to purchasing and installing equipment – as well as when obtaining capital needed to train staff for the operation and maintenance of the systems installed – investors are needed to support such projects at every step of the way.  HANSE is a partner for you.


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Wherever you're doing business, our advisory & solutions team is ready to provide on–the–ground knowledge to help you coordinate your financial and business strategies, and advise on region– and sector–specific solutions.





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